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Yeah I saw this on another forum. I didn't invent the game. lol
Here's a really good example of the game:

Name a place or thing to take a picture with your Camaro. First person to go out, take, and post the picture picks the next one. Must be a picture taken after the challenge picked. Try not to make it impossible. no photochops. If nobody else gets the picture within 1 week the person that picked it can choose a new one. New challenge must be picked when picture of the last one was posted.


1) After 3 days, the person who made the challenge can post their own picture and pick another topic.

2) If a challenge is not met after 1 week a new topic is picked by the previous challenger winner.

3) If a pic is in dispute, it needs 3 yes votes to be accepted.

4) After any comment, please put the current challenge at the bottom so everyone can stay up to date.

5) Pictures must be taken while OUTSIDE of the car!

6) Pictures must be taken AFTER the challenge. Rare exceptions such as pictures taken on the said day BEFORE the challenge may be accepted only by 3 acceptance votes.

7) Other vehicles may be used instead of your Camaros If and ONLY IF there is snow. This allows drivers in the North to continue playing the game.

7a)Members whom do not own a Camaro may play the game with another vehicle

8) The following types of challenges are not allowed:

action shots
challenges involving other people
duplicate challenges
illegal challenges

9) If a picture has been posted but a new challenge has not been picked, the current challenge is still active until (a) new challenge has been picked or (b) another user posts another picture satisfying the challenge and picks a new challenge.
Keep all discussion in the official discussion thread, here:

so first challenge: I want to see your camaro parked in a garage or on a driveway

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Since Envy is gone for a while...MiniMe will have to do. So as you can see...everyone can play! :D

I'm a little confused because I could have sworn that the original challenge had something to do with a Camaro under any "type of wood" I took this picture. Sorry, the camera wouldn't focus on both. :(


But then I read a different challenge today so that was easy enough...


Now here's my challenge: I want to see a Camaro owner sitting in or by their Camaro.
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