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So, what do you guys/gals think about some time next summer, after a lot of us have our new Camaros, organizing some kind of 5th Gen Road Trip? What I think would be the best option, would be to travel Route 66. It goes from Chicago to California. We could also do a coast to coast route.

I know most people wouldn't be able to travel the whole way, but if we had an itinerary, then those people around certain areas could bring their cars for some of the sections. I would LOVE to drive the whole thing myself.

It might actually turn into a great news event, and definitely something that could be fun to have videotapes running. Kind of like the Gumball Rally, but not necessarily about speed. If there were some tracks on the route, we might even be able to plan some track days in there.

Of course, once we got to certain checkpoints, then there could be some good fun had by all!

Any thoughts?

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In 2001, the Hot Rod Power Tour took that route. They went from Detroit to San Bernardino. I did the portion from Albequerquie NM to SanBerdoo.

What a trip!

Hooking up with the HRPT would be the thing to do, but lately they've scaled back.

Seems to me a route from San Francisco to Washington, DC would be awesome!

Interstate 80 to Donner Pass, Reno, Salt Lake City, then South throuth Price to I-70 stopping at Grand Junction, and Denver, CO, Topeka, Kansas, St Louis, MO, Indianapolis IN, Columbus, OH, Pittsburg, PA, Then on to DC.

How's that for a road trip?

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