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Was headed east on Colfax Avenue in Denver West last night, when my younger sister started pointing and trying to talk. She saw a silver 2010 Camaro, heading west. I saw it from the back after it had gone by.
Sorry, I'm going to have to call :bs: on this one...

09fathomgreen @ said:
9:53 p.m. Central, Denver West, 4-6-08.
We were sitting at a stop light on Colfax, heading east. My younger sister was sitting in the passenger side, starts to hyperventilating and pointing.
She asks me, "Did you see that car?!?" I look back and see the tail lights in my rearview mirror.
She saw a silver 2010 Camaro. I recognzed the back end.
Didn't get pictures, even though we both had cameras with us.
It had halogen headlights, and LED tail lights.
No pictures no proof..
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