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for the camaro specs
they seem to have rated it prett low
5000 for each
the l99 turns to 6000 which seems about right for power
but the Ls3 turns to 6600
thats a long way for a rating
i think they have under rated it
what do u guys think?
second the L99 i heard will out run the Ls3
if its in the camaro with the same transmission
is this ture?

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yea i know
so who knows it could be making the same power as the vette
Possibly but I highly doubt that. GM will most likely always have the Vette out front unless maybe its a Special Camaro offered.
If you could buy a Camaro with the same HP as a Vette for a cheaper price wouldnt you think the Vette would lose a little bit in sales ?
But then you throw in the vettes handeling part so who knows.:confused:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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