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Camaro SS 2015 Exhaust identification

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Hi all
New here from Sweden.
im not sure how active this forum is but i try here (still waiting for activiation on

This exhaust on my 2015 SS is not original right?
The original rear mufflers are huge boxes if i got it right.
i want to know what type of exhaust this is.
My guess is that its an axleback system since i still have the first middle muffler behind the cats.

Can anyone here see what brand this exhaust system is?
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Correct, that is not a factory exhaust.

Cannot tell what exhaust it is, I do not see any identifying marks.

That one is using a cross brace that uses the two factory hangars on the
cradle. So, when looking around on-line for the exhaust, you would see
that part. Or, it's custom.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts