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CamaroFest 6

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Ok so who's going? Its in Bowling Green KY this year. I am going with Christopher. Just asking.
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Ok guys I just like Camaros. Sorry
I'll be there!!! Wouldn't miss this one, since it's so close to me..... :thumbsup:
Bucky, which Camaro you bringing? I will look for you, just look for a CRM 2013 that has the billet grill on the front and the skull head back license plate and that's me. We are staying at the Marriott that I believe is across the street from the host hotel. Hope to see you there.

Ok so there were other things to do beside Camaro stuff, yes I know we do have lives without Camaro's...HAHA> I will up load some other picts tonight.


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1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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