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CamaroFest 6

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Ok so who's going? Its in Bowling Green KY this year. I am going with Christopher. Just asking.
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It's not even called Camaro5 fest anymore. Camaro Fest is about Camaro enthusiasts and has little to do with the web site except for advertisement and posting pics and such. No reason both sites couldn't ban together and make it even better. It's simply grassroots folks putting it on each year and trying to break even.

I hope to make Sturgis sometime too but then there's no racing there. Just good weather.
Was a great time for sure. Bowling Green was a big hit.:thumbsup:
Has anyone seen a date for it again this year? I've not been yet, almost made it last year but totally my car on the way to it with about 2 other Camaros, with the 5th Gen Camaro Club of North Carolina. Got another Camaro that is known to some since I bought it from Justin H. out of New Orleans back in Oct. It's known as the Oracle Camaro by some.
This has replaced it this year.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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