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CamaroFest 6

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Ok so who's going? Its in Bowling Green KY this year. I am going with Christopher. Just asking.
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I'll be there!!! Wouldn't miss this one, since it's so close to me..... :thumbsup:
It's a thing. You would have to PAY me to go.
Please..... It's sad that you have an attitude like that. It's much more than just Camaro5. That truly shows how ignorant you are.

That would be equivalent to me saying "I'm no longer doing the 'Hot Rod Power Tour' because it's a Hot Rod Magazine thing, and I don't support the big wigs or the decisions they make". When in actual reality, I do the Power Tour and Drag Week because of the people, the experience, and more than anything, The Cars!!

I'll do CamaroFest for the same reasons. It's by far, the largest F-Body Car Show in the entire US. It's going to be held in Bowling Green, home of the Corvette Museum and now the state of art road course that they built. The location is Beachbend Raceway, with is an awesome Drag Strip, that is also right next to a Water Park. Great time for the Family and Kiddos.... And I haven't even touched on all the Sponsors and Vendors that will be there.

Will I be going because I'm a Camaro5 nut and I'm supporting that site? Absolutely not. I could care less about that site.... It's all about the cars, the people you meet, and the experience. You're attitude is a direct reflection of who you are as a person, and I for one can say I'm glad you won't be there. You definitely won't be missed..... :thumbsup:
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Ok guys I just like Camaros. Sorry
Guapo- Don't be sorry. There will always be the @ss clowns that want to rain on your parade. I'm sure it will be an awesome event, regardless who is "hosting" it. And yes, there will be plenty of Camaro's there.

One of these years, I plan to make it out to the Sturgis Camaro Rally.
I went to Camarofest last year and had a good time. This year I'm doing the Sturgis Camaro Rally.
June 25-28 2015
The Sturgis Camaro Rally is definitely on my bucket list!! There was a group of close friends from my home town, back in Missouri, that went last year. They had a blast and I loved looking at all the pictures.

I'm squeezing the Car Craft Summer Nationals into my schedule this year, since they moved for the first time ever, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If I wasn't committed to the Car Craft Summer Nationals, I'd be heading to Sturgis for sure!!
I opted out of going only because I'll be up there next month for the annual Holley LS Fest. I had to choose one and it simply came down to the fact that I want to see all type's of Chevrolet's- Not just Camaro's.

School, work, and funds wouldn't allow me to do both.....
^^^ Awesome Pics Guapo!! I wish I would have had the time and funds to do both.... I'll take tons of pictures and videos at the Holley LS Fest!! :)
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