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I've been thinking how much more I would love it if I had a sunroof. I've seen some videos and stuff online of people installing sunroofs in cars.. I know what most people think; dangerous, risky, water leaks, etc...

So I'm thinking, what if I just found a salvage camaro sunroof top, and swapped it for my current roof? Would that be possible? I'm guessing that because the Camaro is a passenger car, it has a body on frame design such that the roof is part of the frame and thus I couldn't effectively just swap one roof for another without affecting the integrity of the frame, which has many more implications than just safety too.

Or, if I'm really feeling ballsy, I've seen these absolutely sick panoramic sunroofs manufactured by GM originally for pontiac G6s, and even a video of a Camaro with said panoroof installed just recently. Maybe I'll look into that, but again, I'm guessing this is even more likely to only be possible through frame modification.

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