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So, it has been awhile since I posted, started this thread and now it is time to sell the stuff. Jobless for quite awhile and I need the money :(

I have three Zapco amps. 350.2, 360.4, and 500.1. I also have a DRC from Zapco.(Digital Remote Control). The 350.2 is brand new, specifically bought for this project that was never finished.

I have a 3-way set of Rainbow Speakers, Brand new, Never used.

Next, as seen in the thread above, kick panels were made. Built onto the original kick panels so they fit right in. Wrapped in black leather, and white where the speakers sit(Was trying to match my white car) Not wrapped by the installer, or me.

I also have 2 subs from Dynaudio. They are MW182.

pictures are available here

350.2 $500.00
360.4 $500.00
500.1 $300.00
DRC $200.00
MW182(2) $425.00
Rainbow $700.00
Kick Panels $325.00

All prices are negotiable, but must be reasonable offers.

I would like to thank 6spdcoupe(Not sure if he is on this forum, but he's on almost every other forum around, non-camaro) for the work he did.
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