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Well, the car finally had a fit. Was driving, and all three traction indicators lit up, no ding, and "Service Stablilitrack" in the DIC.

P0100, will check wiring, because the code even comes up with the MAF unplugged. The CMF will read 2484.8 with the key on, engine not running, and same with the MAF unplugged. Then it will read 2581.8 Idling, and same with MAF unplugged. While driving values fluctuate in the 2500-2600s, even with the MAF unplugged. Car does run, starts right up, no rough idle, just runs like a car without VVT. If I hit a certain spot at the pedal while cruising, the reading will be at 2484.8 CFM.

Cold starts have also been a lot smoother since this all happened.

Also have:
P069E, Fuel pump module requested MIL.
U2100, Set in the EBCM, and ECU
U0100, ECU read
C0242, Probably another EBCM issue.
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