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**** Cars!!

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:mad: they always know when you get them paid for! Just gotta vent a bit. The Z has been paid off for 2 months now. The front rotors are warped (which I expected), 2 coils keep corroding at the electrode (eh MSD time), Already got the MSD wires and NGK plugs, hit a pothole and need some bad realignment, its developed a wierd vibration in the drivetrain somewhere, door hinge pin needs replacing which caused warping in the door which cause a previous repair work to crack, and now it looks like there is going to have to be some trans work. grrrrr I guess that 145k miles and regular track duty have finally taken their toll. Can't complain to much I guess its just a lot to swallow at one time.:BangHead:
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Yep. My 2000 GMC has been paid off for a while. Last year was an expensive maintenance year, almost $3K including a transmission rebuild.

I'm still way ahead IMO - It can be frustrating sometimes :cool:
I feel for you and I hope that isn't true. I just paid off my GTO last fall.

My Grand Am did need about $600 of repair shortly after it was paid off. I'm dreading my wife's Malibu. It should be paid off later this year. It's already been a money pit.
well i have 4 months left on the 94, and im pretty sure it'll be motor and tranny time when it does get payed off
Cars just have their ways of making sure we don't forget about them! :D
Aint that the **** truth! Yep valvebody definately going out. But it does give me an excuse to put a shift kit and stall in it now :)
I think they know..somehow they know.. lol Its true though.
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