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Hey everyone,

I spent the day fitting my new CBM Motorsports coil covers and color coding my throttle body, fuse box lid, Whipple drive shaft cover, and the back plates for the logo on the coil covers. Very happy with the result!

The coil covers are IMO excellent value. Only $300 for something that hides the mess and looks tough.

I really like them with the polished Whipple ... they go well together!

I was considering billet valve covers with the separate fuse covers, but this still doesn't help you hide a lot of the loom mess ... particularly on the passenger side. The difference in cost was a motivation too!

They bolted straight on without any modification. You just need to remove your fuel line and pull the heater hoses back out of the way.

Some of you may remember that I modified my plastic engine cover to sit around the whipple ... this was just too make-shift for me ... plus it hid about half of that beautifully polished blower!

If you want to know more about the CBM covers email Bruce: [email protected] He was very helpful! They also have unchromed ones there incase you want to buy one and modded it, then chrome or paint it. They also have a version without their laser cut logo for $250

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