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Certification Camaro Needed in the Northwest!!

We have a very valued Pedders dealer in the low middle part of Washington. Here they are:

112 Brim Road
Onalaska, Wa 98570
(360) 978-4032
Justin Wooley Vice President
Rich Wolley Pres.
[email protected]
[email protected]

This dealer is one of my favorites. I trained them and have had some of the best customer receptions of any of our Pedders Days there. They have a huge advantage over Portland, OR. and Spokane/Seattle/Tacoma dealers because of the low labor rate. They are about 1.5 hours north of Portland, and about 1.5 hrs south of Seattle.

NORPAC is fully Pedders Certified in GTO, LX, G8, and I want to get them certified for Camaro as soon as I can. So we will be offering a special discount on a Camaro TrackII system:

Here is the Camaro TrackII System:


Camaro Track II

Full Package Price $3996.48

The Track II combines all the components of the Street II and adds sway bars, all bushes and adjustable HD Endlinks. With the virtual pivot point design and the advanced rear suspension you tracked Camaro does not need to be over sprung and over damped. In complete OE trim it will out perform many respected marquees. With a Track II System we are going hunting for the big boys with big dollar stickers. We add more urethane bushes to create greater control. These are Pedders exclusively designed urethane bushes that use voids, shapes and volume of urethane to increase control while maintaining an OE like ride. There are no squeaks. It is not rough. It is AMG like control. It has long been the Pedders philosophy that sway bars are not used to correct deficiencies in your suspension. Sway Bars are the final tuning step for a properly sprung, damped and bushed vehicle. Pedders sways offer four positions of adjustment front and three positions of adjustment rear. They include Pedders urethane bushes. They are perfectly matched to provide an amazing level of control as they compliment your Pedderised ZETA II Camaro, PLUS the flexibility to fine tune the control rates to fit your needs. This kit uses our Pedders eXtreme Xa Coil Overs that give you a massive amount of flexibility, custom tuning to your individual driving habits and needs. You will have complete suspension travel no matter what height you set the Xas at. This will give you the same comfort at a 2 inch drop as you would have at a 1/2 inch drop. For the SS Camaros with Brembos, we strongly recommend adding our Complete Brake Hose Kit for added performance and security. PDUSACAM2800 Click on the hyperlink to add a Camaro Complete Brake Hose Kit Part # PDUSACAM2800 SCCA T2 Legal

Retail $3,397.00 EA

Item Code Description Qty
160086 Camaro Ext Xa Adjust Coilover 1
CAMAROSOLUTIONB 27mm F & R bars & 4 links 1
EP1167HD Zeta HD Differential Mounts 1
EP1201HD Camaro HD Rear Sub Frame Repl 1
EP2112 Zeta Steering Rack/Pinion Mnt 1
EP6577 Camaro Front Radius Rod Bush 1
EP7264 Zeta Rear Lower Control Arm In 1
EP7322 Camaro Rear Upper Control Arm 1
EP7323 Zeta Rear Trailing ArmToe Link 4
PDUSACAMFULL Camaro Full Alignment Kit 1​

So here is the deal for a certification vehicle:

You will get 10% off parts, so the kit goes from the discounted price of $3397 to the second discounted price of $3058, that is 25% off the cost of buying the parts indiviually!

Labor goes from $1387.50, to $1249.

Pedders will take care of the shipping charges so shipping is free to NORPAC!

So your installed price will be $4307 plus whatever taxes Washington requires.

What else?

Pedders will give you, the original owner only, a LIFETIME WARRANTY, on all Pedders Parts to be free from defects. Now if you have a off road experience for example, and something is damaged, we will not cover this which I am 100% sure you will agree is more than fair.

What will you get? Here is another TrackII I recently did so you can see what the major parts can do and look like:

Front Pedders Xa strut assembly installed

Pedders front steering gear bushing installed

Pedders front radius rod bushing and Caster eccentric adjuster

Removing the OE Differential Bushings using the Pedders tool

Rear Differential with our Pedders EP1167HD bushings for serious hp and torque!

Removing the front OE subframe bushing using Pedders tool. takes 2-3 minutes a bushing. EP1201HD, our most serious rear subframe bushings are installed!

The front subframe bushing removed with the Pedders Tool

Removing the large rear subframe bushing using our Pedders Tool. Takes 2-3 minutes per bushing

Rear subframe bushing removed using the Pedders Tool

Front EP1201HD bushing installed. This is a very serious bushing for very HD driving and torque

Rear inner toe link bushing with Pedders HD rear eccentric bushing

Left rear suspension showing Pedders Xa Coil over, sway bar, adjustable HD end link, rear EP1201HD bushing

Rear suspension showing Pedders inner toe link bushing and custom HD eccentric, inner trailing arm bushing, and front EP1201HD subframe bushing.

Rear suspension showing the Pedders outer trailing arm and toe link bushings at the knuckle

Our Pedders Track II can be set up from mild to aggressive Track, to aggressive DRAG. It is up to you. Drops can be to 2 inches. But at 2 inches, ground clearances get tight on headers, and front and rear valences. The Camaro shown, with 20 inch wheels and tires, is at 1.6 inches.

You will get our fantastic Pedders Xa coil overs that will give you serious flexibility in damping levels and easy to adjust.

To place this order, a 20% deposit for the parts will be required at ordering, and balance to be paid at time of completion.

If you have any questions, just ask

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