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Changed my Differential Fluid today.

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I dont have the pics uploaded yet however I changed my Differential fluid today on a buddies lift since GM says to do so in the service manual @ 1500 miles and WOW boy am I glad I did.

of course it is supposed to look milky grey after use of the rearend heating up breaking down the fluid. The Drain plug is a magnet on these cars I had not a lot but I guess a normal amount of shavings stuck to the drain plug.
I put my finger's inside of the fluid after it came out and it felt a litttle gritty.

I did this at a friends gear and axle shop so I had someone around to tell me if thats good or not he told me it was normal and will be good to get that trash out of the rearend :thumbsup:

I put NEW fluid in the rearend along with the GM additive that GM calls for to be installed with the fluid and she now runs much smoother.

Belevie it or not it does run smoother and you can feel it.

Total cost of this cost me about $26 thats for 1 quart of fluid and the addative. it actually takes 1.1 quarts but after the 1 quart of fluid the addative makes it 1.1 :thumbsup:

This is a simple task you could do in your driveway with simple house hold tools , jack and jackstands :thumbsup:

just 2 bolts ( drain plug and Fill plug ) I would recommend getting a piece of vaccum hose to stick over the nipple on the fluid bottle so you can reach over the exhaust and squirt it inside the rearend :thumbsup:

Also get some cardboard and stick infront of your exhaust pipe because when it comes out it will hit the pipe directly if that cardboard isnt there.

this task is so easy even Shunt could jump out of the trunk and do it :thumbsup: :lol:

took me 15 minutes tops :thumbsup:
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yea i felt a difference as well.

makes me wonder if it is necessary to do the transmission also. :hmm:
Well, Like we have all commented in the past it cant hurt. I would have upgraded to Royal Purple if I were you. No additive needed and I noticed a difference over standard/ stock stuff..
i used the Mobil 1 75w-90 LS differential fluid. it already had the limited slip additive included. and was cheaper than the royal purple
Well, I dont know about the price. I was a Mobil 1 oil only guy for many years.. Then over like 3 or 4 years alot of my friends were trying and loving the royal purple stuff. And after some testing of my own it is the only stuff i use in my diffs and transfer case and transmission. Still think Mobil one 15,000 is the best in the engine. But the rest is royal purple. Great stuff. Price I think is a little higher but you get what you pay for. IMO. :thumbsup:
i have royal purple in my diff on my silverado 2500 with 262k miles. no problems at all. you probably used the wrong weight fluid. there are 2 different kinds. ill be putting royal purple in the hummer when its due.
I agree.. I have used it for years and have nothing but great stuff and have personally seen improvement on gas milage and great wear protection.
Next,To "Wraith SS" ,What Royal Purple Lubriacant are you talking about ? Is it akso for the Rear Diff [ I know'Please save the smarty pants answers about not having a Front diff, tisk,tisk !!!]. I am new to this generation of Camaro's & honestly don't know if I have a limited slip Diff. I assume I do [ by virtue of having an controlloable "Traction control". Thanks all. USMC52
Yes, It is rear diff lube. It comes in 2 weights. Your the lighter one. The ATF is for trans and transfer cases if you have 4wd. Dont know what " smarty pants " thing about a front diff your talking about.. Either way if you have an open diff or a limited slip the fluid has the proper stuff for either app. And traction control is not always the same as limited slips.. Some but far from all. Hope this helps..

Semper Fi brother.. :thumbsup:
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