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Changed my Differential Fluid today.

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I dont have the pics uploaded yet however I changed my Differential fluid today on a buddies lift since GM says to do so in the service manual @ 1500 miles and WOW boy am I glad I did.

of course it is supposed to look milky grey after use of the rearend heating up breaking down the fluid. The Drain plug is a magnet on these cars I had not a lot but I guess a normal amount of shavings stuck to the drain plug.
I put my finger's inside of the fluid after it came out and it felt a litttle gritty.

I did this at a friends gear and axle shop so I had someone around to tell me if thats good or not he told me it was normal and will be good to get that trash out of the rearend :thumbsup:

I put NEW fluid in the rearend along with the GM additive that GM calls for to be installed with the fluid and she now runs much smoother.

Belevie it or not it does run smoother and you can feel it.

Total cost of this cost me about $26 thats for 1 quart of fluid and the addative. it actually takes 1.1 quarts but after the 1 quart of fluid the addative makes it 1.1 :thumbsup:

This is a simple task you could do in your driveway with simple house hold tools , jack and jackstands :thumbsup:

just 2 bolts ( drain plug and Fill plug ) I would recommend getting a piece of vaccum hose to stick over the nipple on the fluid bottle so you can reach over the exhaust and squirt it inside the rearend :thumbsup:

Also get some cardboard and stick infront of your exhaust pipe because when it comes out it will hit the pipe directly if that cardboard isnt there.

this task is so easy even Shunt could jump out of the trunk and do it :thumbsup: :lol:

took me 15 minutes tops :thumbsup:
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So many Ques. so little time !!! 1st, to Jekyll-N-Hyde,What was the G.M. additive Part#,& what type & grade oil did you use for the rear Diff. ?I have a 2019 1LT,V-6 , ^ speed manual. Next,To "Wraith SS" ,What Royal Purple Lubriacant are you talking about ? Is it akso for the Rear Diff [ I know'Please save the smarty pants answers about not having a Front diff, tisk,tisk !!!]. I am new to this generation of Camaro's & honestly don't know if I have a limited slip Diff. I assume I do [ by virtue of having an controlloable "Traction control". Finally, to "redJewell2SS,is the Diff. fluid differant between a V-8 SS & my 1LT V-6 ,6 speed Std. ? Thanks to any & all who wish to respond to my Ques. I have owned loot's of good old U.S. street iron over the past 3 decades,but this is the one that really brings me back to my youth.I really want to treat it well,& most of all, want to start adding goodies to it [ something that Detroit hasn't sparked my interest in decades ].Admitadely,I need help from some fresh new minds. Thanks all. USMC52
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Of course I meant 2010, not 2019 !!!!
Hey Stormyone,thanks for that Mobilone loink.Very interesting stuff.But could you tell me what the heck TBN is ? usmc52
To Jekyll-N-Hyde,I've been following this thread w/ geat interest,trying to pick up some knowledge.I recently went Total synthetic,Engine [ W/ a Mobil one Syn. filter ],Tranny,manual & Rear diff. This was at 4,700 miles.My trusted Friends at the shop I use when I need a lift saved the Diff. fluid because of the looks of it.Grey.We even dropped a magnet in it & to my dismay,came up w/ what I feel to be a lot of metal.Engine & Trans, were clean. You mentioned you sent your oil out for testing.I've had no luck trying to find a lab that does Auto oil testing.Could you tell me who you use.If it's top-secret,please e-mail me at [email protected] . I would spend a fair amount of $$ to get a heads up,as the dealer told me they really won't do anything till it's broke. I'd appreciate your help. keith . Like Tradosaurus say's, "Drive it like you stole it " !!!!
Thanks WRAITHSS. Like your "Chance" qoute.Sounds like something a fellow Marine would say !!! usmc52
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