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Attention Drivers!

The SCCA Solo group is hosting a AutoX practice at AAA Speedway on the 'inside the oval' parking lots. Road racers will be using the oval at the same time.

This year's inside practice will have NO WORK ASSIGNEMENT for entrants. Also much of the proceeds will be going to the charitable group AbilityFirst of Long Beach.

I'm the event chair of the event (Jayson Woodruff), I've put on all of the SpeedVenture AutoXes and some of Hotchkis' AutoXes. So expect high quality.

This is great opportunity to get all the seat time you could ever want. It's also a great time to get all those fence sitters and significant others out there; best bang for buck all year, no work, no pressure!

Expect about a 30second course and 16+ runs per day. Registration is through MyAutoEvents (you'll need an account) and paid via paypal (you don't need a paypal account).

Registration for the "Inside" practice is now OPEN. Register early, as the practice is limited to only 60 drivers per day.

Saturday's Registration:
CalClub AutoCross Practice - Saturday

Sunday's Registration:
CalClub AutoCross Practice - Sunday

Entry fees are $60 for a single driver, $80 for a shared entry.

Where is this?: At AAA speedway, but not on our 'normal' lot. Head inside the oval and our course and paddock space will be obvious. A map will follow later

No work!, how are you pulling that off?: PFM is providing workers all day for this practice. Be sure to look for them off-duty and say thank you.

Who's AbilityFirst?: AbilityFirst provides recreational activities for the developmentally delayed community. Some of the participants are planning on coming to Saturday's event to watch and ride shotgun!

Jay W
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