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Hello fellow Camaro car people,

My name is Alfonzo Barber, i’m 17 years old and i am a senior in high school. I am a car enthusiast and I plan on designing cars for my career. Right now i am in the process of applying and getting into college and majoring in automotive or industrial design. I plan on going to art school. Right now i draw cars and make pictures to post online and even sell them sometimes. I really enjoy it and i have become very skilled. I will attach some of my artworks in this message for you to observe.

I am here because i am needing help getting into college, and i am willing to work with you guys using my talents to help me get in. I want to make some artworks for your offices/garages/dealerships and in return I’d appreciate some form of scholarship that can head towards me going into college. Please contact me as soon as you can regarding this. Even if you can’t help me i’d appreciate it if you could either send this message to a place that possibly can or send back some advice on how i can accomplish my goals. Please share this with whoever you can, I would appricate it

Email: [email protected]



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