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i would not have hung on.. :lol:
you'd be surprised how hard it is to let go!

funny story:

i once had a go-kart, and the idle was, lets just say, "off". it required one person to hold the brake while someone else pulled the starter cable. there was no need for the throttle, because it idled at full speed :lol:

well one day i wanted to go ride and no one was around to pull the cable, so nimrod young self attempted to hold the go-kart off the ground, start it, and jump in. that didn't work out so well!

the rear tires fell to the pavement and dragged me a few feet before i was able to let go and the kart went full speed into a tree. i ended up selling the go-kart a couple weeks later for $100 more than i payed for it and it was in A LOT worse shape (tires bald, roll cage bent from numerous intentional flips, bad idle)!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts