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Hey just emailed the latest copy of Chevrolet fuel with the corvette add and the color of green available reminds me of a zl1 pics that were at SEMA this last year kind of a forest green I thought maybe they would offer the Camaro in. I know most of the colors the Camaro will be offered in and found it interesting thought I would share the link.

Chevrolet Performance | Fuel | Turning It Up

I like the looks generally of the new corvette over the last, though they stole the tail lights from the Camaro to give the Camaro mundane modern look to the rear with more plastic, ( wish chevy had done round like a old hot rod say like a ...oh old Camaro or chevelle, or impala..etc etc). And its kind of sad to see the corvette will only have the AFM or nothing, but its hopefully a sign the new 6th generation of Camaro may look good. Who knows when they will throw us a bone? All the designs they have shown over the years are nothing like the Camaros we drive and enjoy with their concept cars they have come out with.

Here is the design your own link!/specs/specs_colorizer
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