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Chevy officials read the recent item here that the Camaro sports coupe concept would be absent from the Chicago Auto Show that opens Friday, and how the move perplexed us when there would be another new muscle car rolled out nearby.

Chevy said the coupe and convertible concepts had already done the rounds at the major shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and New York, and now it was time to feature it at smaller shows, like in Philadelphia, this year.

But at a time when GM could use visible enthusiasm for its cars, why not bring the Camaro to Chicago, the auto show on the circuit that attracts the most consumer interest and historically serves as a barometer of potential popularity?

"We read the item, asked some GM folks about why we couldn't show Camaro in Chicago and got permission to have it at the show; the yellow Bumble Bee Camaro from the movie ‘Transformers,’" said Chevy spokesman Terry Rhadigan.

So, Bumble Bee will be part of the Chevy display in the GM exhibit, where all GM divisions will be housed in the North Hall at McCormick Place. You can thank us in the comments below.

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