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Chevy switching up the SS strategy

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Changes in 2008:

Monte Carlo SS = gone (RIP Monte Carlo)
Cobalt SS = gone
Malibu SS = gone

The NA Cobalt SS is now the Cobalt Sport.
The S/C Cobalt SS is dropped, "another form of FI" returns as Cobalt SS in 2009 (with MCE design update?)

Impala SS remains unchanged.

Equinox Sport debuts, which was originally to be called Equinox SS.

Future SS models all to have "something" in common. ;)
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is that SS a following of pontiac's GXP Line???
The two lines were similar, yes.

GXP = highest trim level Pontiac.
SS = highest trim level Chevy.

They're changing the SS strategy to be more focused on performance now.
they should... then SS will be again what it always was :D THE MEANEST, BADDEST, MO DIGGER ON THE STREET HAHAHAHAHAHA
especially after the Camaro SS is released
They're changing the SS strategy to be more focused on performance now.
Finally. That proves there are a few people with pulses still making decisions at GM.
Yeah, they didn't feel that a 174hp 2.4L is worthy of wearing a SS badge, top model or not.

However, a 260hp DI Turbo 2.0L 4cyl, that's another story. :)
Makes sense too, with that motor a Cobalt should run low 14s stock.
That territory is worthy of a SS nameplate.
The cobalt ss really didn't bother me
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