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I spent the last week looking at shift knob options toreplace my dull oem rubber knob, there's a few expensive adapters out there,MGW makes an option but it uses an odd thread size so you're limited to theirknobs. sick speed makes a universal adapter that works for $17.88, but even ifyou modified the stock shaft it would still sit higher than the stock knob,, a

this is a very nice option,,,,

but I concluded it was best to just get an oem hurst knob and boot with the colored threads to dress it up, the hurst emblem is cool, $70 bucks for essentially a oem shift knob, but all the decent options out there are $100-$160.. the stock knob is actually a cool unique design, I was disappointed they changed to a generic looking knob in 2013. Those round knobs dont look right in a modern car, thestock knob is hard to improve on..
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