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Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends....

As we approach the end of another year, I'd like to take a moment to thank each of you -- sincerely -- for your continued enthusiasm for the Camaro and the Firebird. I know at times it hasn't been easy -- but you've 'kept the faith' so to speak - -- and for that I'm truly grateful.

I hope you and yours will enjoy the Christmas Season safely -- and that the New Year will bring you all that you hope for.

Naturally, I'm going to repeat my mantra:

Wear your safety belts -- and that goes for everyone in the vehicle -- each time, every time! And of course, it goes without saying -- but I will anyway -- Please don't drink and drive -- call a Taxi or appoint a designated driver. We're counting on you to be around to buy one of our new 2010 Camaros!

I'm attaching two Christmas Poems --

The first was sent to me by our Good Friend Doug Warren -- founder of the Western Michigan Camaro Club --and sorry, Doug, but I've changed it quite a bit -- and hope you'll forgive me!

The second was sent to me by our Good Friend and my Fellow GM Employee -- Dave Peacy. Many of you know Dave from his days as Brand Quality Manager for both the Camaro and the Corvette.......

Merry Christmas -- Happy Holidays!


T’was the night before Christmas,

And all thru the garages

Not a Camaro was stirring

You’d think they were Dodges…….

Empty parking spaces were open

As far as one could see…….

-each person was saying “I sure hope Stefanyshyn remembers me!”

The Camaro buffs were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of Camaro parts danced in their heads.

The Firebird guys, for the most part, were snoring,

“When do we get our new car? We wanna hear it roaring!”

When out on the street there rose such a clatter

I sprung from my sheets to see what was the matter!

Away to the window I flew like a hound

And tore open the curtain to see who was around.

With a driver so lively and quick

I knew in a moment—

It must be Fitzpatrick!

More rapid than race cars his Camaro it came

With more Camaros following, he called them by name:

Now Z28, now SS, now Pace Car and Yenko!

On Berger, IROC, RS and even COPO!

And low and behold, who’s that behind the wheels?

It’s Doug Houlihan--

Cheryl Pilcher –

--Settlemire and Brett Vivian!

And don’t forget Bob Lutz,

(although if I did, I’d really be nutz!!!)

Wow – I hear those engines a’howling…….

That’s 'cause they’re being lead by Damien Dowling!

There’s Anthony McCormick and Andrew Holmes –

--causing more ruckus than Hannity and Colmes!

I think I see John Reiman and Mr. Bill Kraatz –

--two guys that are best described as really cool cats!

--and Anthony Roder and good ole Kirk Meyer

Wow – they’re bringing these cars

Right down to the wire!

And who’s that in the Orange Convertible?

It must be Ed Peper

And with those dual stripes

That Concept's a real Keeper!

And there’s Ed Wellburn and Tom Peters –

I can honestly say – these guys are two great leaders!

...........And from the end of the road the tires they peeled –

And right down the chimney – they went with a squeal!

They spoke not a word, but opened their trunks

And filled all the stockings with lots of good junk!

They brought joy to most homes,

-but some they ignored –

We found out the next morning –

Those Folks were driving Fords!

And then there were those

Who drove Toyota and Honda

They didn’t get anything

‘Cuz they act just like Jane Fonda!

And giving a jingle of Fitz’s set of keys

He gave a quick nod

And left in a breeze

He fired up his LSx with its houndstooth seats

And with the others behind him

He roared down the street.

But I heard him say

As he drove out of sight

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!


Twas the night before Christmas and out in the garage,
There wasn’t a trace of a Honda, Toyota, or Dodge.
The presents were wrapped and the lights were all lit,
So I figured I’d mess with the Camaro a bit.

I popped the release and lifted the hood,
When a deep voice behind me said “It looks pretty good.”
Well, as you can imagine, I turned mighty quick,
And there, by the workbench, stood ol’ Saint Nick!

I stood there a bit, not to sure what to say,
Then he said. “Don’t suppose that you’d trade for my sleight?”
“No way, Santa” I said with a grin,
“But if you’ve got the time we can go for a spin!”

His round little mouth, all tied like a bow’
Turned into a smile and he said ”Sure! Let’s go!!”
So not to disturb all the neighbors” retreat,
We quietly pushed the car to the street.

Then, taking our places to coast down the hill,
I turned on the key and let the clutch spill.
The sound that erupted took him by surprise,
But he liked it a lot, by the look in his eyes.

With tires a’screaming and headers aglow,
We headed on out to where the Hot Rodders go.
And Santa’s grin widened approaching his ears,
With every shift as I banged through the gears.

So I backed off the gas and asked Santa if he would drive.
Ol Santa was stunned when I gave him the keys,
When he walked past the headlights he shook at the knees!

The Camaro exploded with a sweet exhaust sound!
And when Santa popped the clutch and the tires shook the ground!
Power shifting in to second, again into third!
I sat there just watching, at loss for a word,

Then I heard him exclaim as we blasted from sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, it’s one hell of a night”

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Outstanding! Especially the part about Honda and Toyota owners.:lol::patriot:

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Great poems!

Any chance you could put on a Santa suit and give us a gift for Christmas? Something, anything? We've been good this year (well, everyone but Luwinkle... :) )

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Nice. good words.
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