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Chrysler confirms Challenger SRT-8

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Heres the linkie...

from Autoblog....
We feel a "Thank you, Captain Obvious" is in order for this piece of news that was published all the way back on July 12th within the walled garden of Ward's Auto. The news is simply that Chrysler has confirmed it will build an SRT-8 version of the upcoming Challenger pony car. Chrysler, sorry, the NEW Chrysler, has never issued a release to our knowledge confirming it will sell the Challenger SRT-8, but again, we don't need one because they'd be crazy not to.

All current SRT-8 products use Chrysler's 6.1L HEMI V8, so we would expect the same powerplant for the Challenger SRT-8 producing 425 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs. of torque. However, considering how many high-powered variants of the Mustang are offered, and that Chevy will certainly offer a comparably high-powered version of the Camaro, we expect the SRT-8 to break rank with its siblings and have considerably more power than we're used to seeing in an SRT-8 product. In fact, we may reasonably expect all SRT-8 models to get an commensurate bump in power after the Challenger SRT-8 debuts in late 2009, especially with some like the Dodge Charger, Magnum and Chrysler 300 switching from the current LX platform to a new one code named LY.

BTW - Less than 159 days remain until the production Chrysler Challenger debuts at the Chicago Auto Show next February (check the countdown clock).


Hmm me thinks GM is waiting until after the 2009 model year to offer up the big momma version Camaro to see what this will do??? Oh and I wonder what this "LY" platform will bring

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Yep did anyone doubt this? Funny how many parts on Mopars are overengineered (ever seen the spindles on a Daytona that thing would fit in a big as truck and be at home) for nothing. And they are always not the parts that usually fail. So ya if its more "rigid" then it definately will weigh more I'm sure.
G8 is 4 door so it will add a little more weight than the others.
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