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Closing the deal on my 2012 Bumblebee Thursday

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My wife and I are excited. I have a dealer going to flatbed a bumblebee in (300+ miles) for Thursday. I'm trading in my Diesel Excursion and putting $10,000 down. Hurst shifter, body color engine covers, quarter flares, Transformers package.
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Dumb question, what are the quarter flares?
OK, I see. Around here, we call those mud flaps. Are there any other dealer installed accessories that I should be requesting? This car is not being purchased as a daily driver, it will be a garage queen that will see under 5000 miles a year. I drive a Corolla daily and have 3 dual sport motorcycles that I ride most of the non salty time of year. I don't want to be missing any "must have" add on items.

Do you happen have pics of the GM ground effects that you speak of? Wonder if they would work well with the transformer theme?
I got it from Ellwood City, Pa. McElwain Chevy/GNC/Cadillac.

I actually tried to buy from North Star Chevy, near the Pittsburgh airport, but that was not so good.

The car will need warranty paint assistance because the rear high spoiler was not so properly painted, underneath you see black primer showing through the scorch yellow.

Before e left the dealership, my wife had to test fit herself to the car. She likes it.

Drove the new baby home on wet roads and put her in one of the garage bays. This is where it will spend a great deal of time I suspect.

The word "Transformer" in Autobot language.

"Hey you..... Nice view from behind!"

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I got the OEM body color engine cover and the OEM indoor/outdoor car cover.

And I did get just over 100 miles on it before it went away for a few months to wait out the salt and calcium on Pa roads.

Heck, I even drive it to work once before the snow, salt, and calcium reclaimed the roads.

Yep, I really think I'll enjoy the car. I can't wait to see the spring rains come and wash the salt away. Then I can start watching the weather for nice days and consider the TF3 in rotation with my motorcycles.
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I got my custom painted factory ground effects installed. I love the look!

They are sprayed with a semi gloss black, dealer painted and dealer installed.
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The Ford sign is because I'm also a ford nut! There was an 03 SVT Cobra in that bay, but the Cobra moved to another bay for the camaro to take that home.

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Sort of. The paint on the end of the spoiler was sprayed dry. It was very rough and easily noticed. They cleared over it and blended out, then buffed it. Problem is that they also got dirt in the clear that did not sand and buff out :-(

Before things go to hell, I've decided to let it be and not push the issue. They really did well to me on the ground effects, so I appreciate what the collision center manager did for me there. He saved me over a grand on the ground effects!

I'm thinking that I notice these small flaws and it's likely that most others would not be aware. I'm just too picky!
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