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Clutch burnout in V6`

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Hey guys, I just wanted to run this scenario by you to see if it seems legitimate to you.

I have a 2013 1LT with RS package. I purchased my car new last January and have driven it ever since. The car has 16,305 miles on it and I have never had an issue with the clutch in the past. I have been driving standard for about 8 years and have never burnt out a clutch in any one of my vehicles.

Yesterday I was approaching a red light so I pushed the clutch all the way in and felt a strange ticking noise in the pedal. When I was leaving the stoplight I heard the ticking noise from outside of the car but proceeded. When shifting from 2nd to 3rd I entirely lost the ability to shift, and my car will not come out of neutral even with the clutch all the way in, when I do attempt to shift it feels like the gears are grinding. :angry:

I turned my car off and am unable to put the car entirely in gear, it starts to go but then just pops out again. I smelt nothing burning in or around the car. I brought it to the dealer and they told me the clutch entirely burnt out and essentially told me it was my fault as I do not know how to drive stick.

Does this seem like the actual answer to my issues? Thank you in advance!:thumbsup:
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