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Also no longer recomending the all-wheel-drive version of the Lexus GS

I know it was posted about them not recomending the Camry, but I don't remember seeing this one. Forgive me if this is a repost.

Dear Consumer Reports, Drive the car before you recomend them. This makes me wonder do they even drive the cars they don't recomend.

A Consumer Reports' survey found fault with the four-wheel drive version of the Toyota Tundra.
On The

Consumer Reports: Toyota Reliability Slips

Posted: Oct. 17, 2007

Raleigh — Toyotas are renowned for outstanding reliability, however, Consumer Reports found Toyota's reliability has slipped.

A survey of car owners that the magazine publish Wednesday found problems with three Toyota models. Consumer Reports predicted the vehicles will have below-average reliability and announced it would no longer recommend them.

At Consumer Reports' test track, the Toyota Tundra V8 pickup truck earned high scores. Redesigned for 2007, it performed well on the track, as well as off-road, but the magazine's subscribers found problems with the four-wheel-drive version.

"Our subscribers are reporting problems, mainly with the drive system, so we're no longer recommending the V8 four-wheel-drive Tundra," David Champion, director of auto testing for Consumer Reports, said.

In addition, Consumer Reports found the redesigned V6 Toyota Camry sedan had problems with its new six-speed automatic transmission.

"Because of transmission problems, we're no longer recommending the V6 version of the Camry. However, the four-cylinder and the hybrid versions still have above-average reliability, so we still recommend those models," Champion said.

Another Toyota reported to have reliability issues was the all-wheel-drive version of the Lexus GS. The Consumer Reports' survey found problems with power equipment and the audio system, as well as annoying squeaks and rattles.

"Despite problems with these three models, Toyota is still a very reliable brand," Champion said.

Among domestic car-makers, nearly all 44 Ford models in the Consumer Reports' survey were noted for at least average reliability. Two other big domestic automakers – General Motors and Chrysler – didn't fair as well. About half of General Motors' models and a third of Chryslers' rated below-average for reliability.

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The comment near the bottom ticks me off. I wonder what the truth is.

I had friends in the dealership/back shop biz and the general word was the opposite to the comment at the bottom.

I like to see the these real numbers from actual shops:

-Recalls (minor, ex. interior sail panel)
-Recalls (major, ex. transmission)
-Warranty repairs (minor)
-Warranty repairs (major)
-Non-Warranty repairs (minor)
-Non-Warranty repairs (major)

Then factor in numbers on:

-Side collision deaths
-frontal collision deaths
-rear collision deaths
-rollover deaths
-faulty equipment related deaths

Then measure performance not just as a car, but strictly against the direct competitor or cars in its class.

- Malibu vs. Camry
- G8 vs. 3-series
- Silverado vs. Tundra
- GM lambda-platform vs. Suburu/ Kia/ Toyota crossovers
- Camaro vs. (RWD 2 door car below 40k via foreign automaker goes here)

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I never trust Consumer Reports when it comes to vehicles. They give trucks low ratings because..well..they're trucks. The feel like trucks, they ride like trucks, they act like trucks, they slurp through gas like teenagers do beer on their prom night. It's what they do. And they give a Jeep Wrangler like a 13 out of 100. They didn't even bother taking it off-road..which is what it is for. My pastor has a Wrangler and it's called the "Ministry Mobile". Just a random quip.

And I highly doubt they even actually DRIVE the domestic vehicles they constantly bash.


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This is from the List of J.D. Power rankings
study that measures quality in vehicles 3 years old (the 2004 model year). The lower the number the better.

American cars are in 3 of the top 4 spots.
This is for 2004 model year cars, we all know that the new stuff from GM blows away the stuff from 2004 So I expect GM to climb on this list as they become 3 years old. Also I am sure Toyota and Lexus will be falling much lower.

Buick -- 145
Lexus -- 145
Cadillac -- 162
Mercury -- 168
Honda -- 169
Toyota -- 178
BMW -- 182
Lincoln -- 182
Subaru -- 192
Oldmobile -- 196
Jaguar -- 197
Acura -- 207
Mercedes -- 212
Infiniti -- 215
Industry Avg -- 216
Jeep -- 219
Pontiac -- 220
Scion -- 220
Ford -- 221
GMC -- 222
Chevrolet -- 226
Hyundai -- 228
Mitsubishi -- 228
Volvo -- 230
Audi -- 234
Dodge -- 236
Hummer -- 242
Mini -- 247
Chrysler -- 249
Porsche -- 252
Nissan -- 274
Saturn -- 274
Kia -- 288
Mazda -- 289
Volkswagen -- 298
Saab -- 319
Isuzu -- 322
Suzuki -- 324
Land Rover -- 398

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J.D. Power is much more trust-worthy. I doubt Consumer Reports can test all the things it "reports", from washer machines to cars.

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Could Consumer Reports not be sued for not testing something, but recommending it?

This could make other car companies lose money( car sales, stock prices)

This could make investers lose money ( stock prices )

This could make car buyers lose money ( people that bought a differnet brand that could have help more value )

I am sure there are other ways people could have lost money because of the fasle rating.

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I've never liked Consumer Reports...and then what they did with the Toyotas a while back: "um...maybe we'll test them first from now on...."

I've never peeked at them since. I don't think they can be sued, because they are no official on the subject. ConsumerReports is more like a very respected (not by me) opinion on things. So they don't NEED to be right about what they say.
All they have fueling them is people's opinion of them.
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