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Corvette L98 Valve Covers ~ Magnesium

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Cleaning out the garage and found these.

I do not have the Corvette Heads anymore, so if someone wants these, PM me an offer.

We sanded these down smooth and then painted them.

They have been orange and then blue. They have been stripped again, so they need to be painted as they are magnesium.
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It's just the heads that were different. Technically, the Camaro 5.7 was a B2L, not L98. The valve covers are the same. What year was it when they went to center-bolt covers? '87? I think they also switched to serpentine drive that same year.

Whew, sorry for the thread hijack.
B2L is the RPO for the iron-headed L98. Which is why I say technically it's not a "true" L98.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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