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Corvette L98 Valve Covers ~ Magnesium

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Cleaning out the garage and found these.

I do not have the Corvette Heads anymore, so if someone wants these, PM me an offer.

We sanded these down smooth and then painted them.

They have been orange and then blue. They have been stripped again, so they need to be painted as they are magnesium.
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The Camaro WAS a L98.

The onyl difference in the heads is one is made of Iron and the other is Alluminum.

Yes, they will fit AND with roller rockers as well.

It's the same motor.

Just as the LB9 is the same, just short 45 ci.

Thanks for the unecessary hijack. Go away.

They will definitly fit as I had them on both sets of heads.
probably a tad lighter....not logo...

The price of magnesium is out of this world.

Well, that and they were the first pair ever made, I can't prove that, you will just have to trust me.

PM me an offer and I will send it to my research and development department and I will get back to in the next 16 weeks with a response.
I still need to get you pics....hold tight.....btw that price means shoot me an offer....

Like I said they need to be cleaned up and I will do that for you, but it may be awhile, if you want to save some money then you can clean them up.
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Shut your Fupar loving, two legged horse riding, yankee mouth!

I have some chin nuts, I will trade you for those beans.
Still for sale...
No L98 fans out there. :lol:
Vette guys already have them. :)
OFFER accepted. SOLD, pending payment.
Back up for sale.
1 - 13 of 25 Posts
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