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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...Now though , it was Driven by Jan Magnussen. Which he was able to take the monster in 7:22.4 round the 13 mile feary track . That's a whole 4 seconds faster than before. Which makes it now faster than a Ferrari Enzo , Pagani Zonda F Clubsport and a Maserati MC12 ! However , it still didn't take Dodge's Viper ACR off the lead (which did it in 7:22.1). Its just awesome seeing the Americans beating the Europeans on there own land .

Here's the ZR-1's NEW lap time profile :

Lap time ID: 49063045e0652
Car: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (476 kw)
Track: Nordschleife
Lap time: 7.22.4
Driven by: Jan Magnussen Submitter
Date & time of submission: 27/10/08, 23:19:01




Here's the caveat though: the posting has been removed from, with the message, "Lap time reference information is not provided!" It is also not listed on their Nurburgring lap times page. Is this an early sign of an official GM time? Or is it bogus? Let the discussion begin...

This is just barely below the fastest car (dodge viper SRT10) which ran 7:22.1
to the ZR1's 7:22.4

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C'mon.....7:22.1 vs. 7:22.4...:meh:...the Viper (1.8L more displacement, too) is a pure breed race car and the ZR1 is on street tires and is emissions legal. There's no comparison if you put racing tires on the Vette.:roxor:

GM really put 'em on the table this time!:patriot:

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