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Coskata Signs Deal To Build Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

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Coskata Signs Deal To Build Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
By Chuck Squatriglia February 11, 2008 | 3:58:43 PMCategories: Alt Fuel, Biofuel, Ethanol
Biofuel start-up Coskata Inc. has signed a deal with ICM to build a cellulosic ethanol plant the company says will be producing fuel on a commercial scale within two years.

ICM is one of the world's leading ethanol plant design and engineering firms, and Coskata said it chose ICM because of its "unrivaled biofuels technical knowledge and ability." As we told you last month, Coskata has developed a method of producing cellulosic ethanol from just about any organic matter for less than $1 a gallon.

Coskata says the proprietary process addresses many of the drawbacks to ethanol because it does not rely upon food crops and instead uses agricultural waste, wood waste and even municipal trash to produce fuel. Environmentalists say its too soon to know if Coskata's process is the breakthrough the company claims, but it looks good enough on paper to leave them cautiously optimistic.

Coskata plans to have a pilot plant producing 40,000 gallons annually by this time next year. The company, which is backed by General Motors, has not said where ICM will build its first commercial plant but says it will be running by 2010. Coskata hopes to have the plant producing 100 million gallons of fuel annually.
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Now this sounds interesting since I don't know if I'm completely on the alternative fuel bandwagon.

I have not done any real research into it so I have just been going by wht is going around.

I saw a documentary about Ethanol and they said it takes 1 gallon of fossil fuel to produce 1.2 gallons of ethanol. This is from start to finish, from the farmers equipment, shipping, production to the end customer.

Now the other day NPR had a story claiming that ethanol produces more global warming than just burning gasoline. The reason was that more American farmers were swithching to ethanol produceing crops and leaving a void for dietary crops. They said that other countries were starting to build farms to make up for it and to do this they are leveling forests to make farm land.

They also said that with this information they would not be able to certify a plant to make ethanol according to the current rules or laws. Certifying plants and farmers is a requirement that would be required in the future.

I am not buying into the global warming thing but I do think it is exciting to see people dicovering new types of fuel and I don't think that should stop but I think most of this is political and that is making it things go in the wrong direction.

I did a post asking about the fuel milage people were getting and some of the responses were into the thirties. This is on Camaro's that are more towards performance than economy. I think this is good milage but I don't get why some of the smaller cars get about the same milage.
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I wouldn't buy into a lot of those stories. Most are outdated and You need to check who is funding the anti alternative fuels stories. In the past it did take more to produce, but things have and are changing all the time.

In a lot of those stories I see a lot of Agenda to push people away.

And don't get me starting on the global warming bs. Anything and is said to contribute to global warming, so if you have to fart hold it in:D and if it was to all of a sudden get cold I am sure they would find some way to blame that on global warming.

Another thing you have to think about, research of this kind leads to improvements and discoveries of other alternatives.
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