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Camaro is sold so I am selling all the goodies I got for xmas, everything is new except for the CAI-

* sorry for the pics, my camera is old, I do accept paypal, thanks!*

first item-

New Era CAI, powder coated, aprox 200 miles on it, car ran great, great increase in power, asking $375 shipped|0

Next up is a stock LS3/L99 SS engine cover, asking $115 shipped, has about 15 miles on it

Next up we have a Emblem Pros dash plaque shown here-

$45 online + shipping, asking $35 shipped

next is an awesome emblempros L99 badge, $49 online + shipping asking $37 shipped-

next up are 4 official GM autobot center caps, these are GM parts and were used on the Transformers edition, these are hard to find, asking $50 shipped for 4

next is a new GM SS emblem, see pic for reference-

asking $10 shipped

Next up I have static cling headlight protectors from , $20 new + shipping, asking $12 shipped

I have GM touch up paint for rally yellow color code 34, official GM product, paid like $14 at the dealer used 1 drop of it, $10 shipped

I have a cargo net for the trunk, $18 shipped

and I have a front plate holder with mounting screws $20 shipped
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