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Deadly Sins

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What stuff, naturally related to the upcoming Camaro, would be so intolerable that it would likely drive you to cause bodily harm to the culprit?

I'm gonna' go with spinners, extreme raises and drops, and rice (HUGE decals, aluminum Boeing 747 wings, blue headlights (especially combined with yellow fogs), etc.) for starters.
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Anyone who decides that the Camaro needs a crapload of fakie chrome. (Hell...Real chrome for that matter).

I don't plan hydraulics, but I may bag the car at some point.
I hate bodykits on almost every car!
I hate body kits on American cars (and even most NEWER imports). I think that imports before about 98 were very bland looking, so an appropriately FINISHED body kit can't hurt. I hate seeing raw fiberglass kits painted to match without any prep work.

Case and point:
Good Example

A 1995 Celica (very plain looking car normall). A lot of manual labor went into making this VIS body kit fit correctly, but the effort shows. There's no rough edges, everything lines up, and there's little if any orange peal on the paint. (This car has one best paint in two car shows against men who ran paint and body shops)

Bad Example:

No comment...Speaks for itself.
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1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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