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Source: Globe and Mail
August 29, 2006
vice-president, corporate and environmental affairs, General Motors of Canada

Oshawa, Ont. -- Jeffrey Simpson's column regarding the great news that GM will invest $740-million to build the new Camaro in Oshawa contained some unfortunate inaccuracies (Where's The Camaro Muscle In Fighting Climate Change? -- Aug. 25).

GM's new vehicles, (including the Camaro when it launches in 2009) have so dramatically reduced smog-causing emissions that today, if Mr. Simpson burns a cord of wood in his fireplace, he will generate more smog emissions than a fleet of 10 Chevy Camaros over their entire practical lifetime.

And while GM has not yet announced engine specifics for the Camaro, other GM sports cars such as the Chevy Corvette today achieve exceptional fuel economy, approaching 37 miles per Imperial gallon on the highway (7.6 litres per 100 kilometres).

Furthermore, following our industry's voluntary agreement to reduce greenhouse gases from our vehicles by 5.3 million tonnes by 2010, new GM technologies like active fuel management, flex fuel E85 and our new hybrid engines are being deployed in Canada with great benefit for saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Rather than unfairly slamming our products and the auto workers of Durham Region who make them, Mr. Simpson might consider that the Oshawa-made flex-fuel Chevy Impala, running on E85 ethanol from Ottawa-based Iogen Corp., generates more than 35 per cent less net carbon dioxide than the smallest hybrid cars sold in North America today.

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Global warming is such a crock anyway. There's still no evidence that man has anything to do with temperature fluctuations, and even if we did, the negative impact on mankind to reverse it would far outweigh the effects of letting it continue to a reasonable degree.

Its the political football du jour right now...the hot thing to be against at cocktail parties, etc. etc.

The Camaro will meet regulations, and if this guy doesn't like the regs then go get elected to Parliament and change the regs.
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