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At the tuners today they did a few runs on the dyno then checked the sensor readings from my car and said that the sensor readings were pretty optimal and that they probably could not get much more out of this engine. So the final results were 404.66 WHP / 404.26 RWTQ, not bad for just bolt ons with no tune needed.
Upon reflection I realize just how sour an experience it was with Dyno-Pro and AIR (American Intense Racing) both in Arvada, CO.
Clint at AIR seemed to be very accommodating two weeks ago when I went double my time while installing the headers and had to reschedule our tune appointment (that Tuesday the 11th it was also the middle of a snow storm). We rescheduled for Tuesday the 25th. It turns out AIR and Dyno-Pro are right next door to one another and AIR uses Dyno-Pro's equipment. I showed up a few minutes early and the Dyno-Pro tech thought I was bringing a Porsche. They hooked the Camaro to their dyno and pulled a few times. The Dyno-Pro tech said they were having problems with their equipment and the first run was the only good one. The Porsche showed up on a trailer and the Dyno-Pro guy said they could not get any more HP out of this engine so a custom tune was unnecessary. He printed out the run and agreed he would email me the dyno data. Still no data but it's only been a few days but I did send them an email reminder.

Looking back it seems he wanted to get working on the Porsche. All the time on the dyno neither Clint nor anyone from AIR ever made an appearance.
So from this encounter I would not recommend either AIR (American Intense Racing) nor Dyno-Pro both on Gray St in Arvada, CO.
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