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Devryn from Arizona.

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New Member here from Arizona. I've loved Camaro's since I was a kid. I desperately wanted a 3rd Gen when I was in high school and bought my first Camaro (1978 Standard Coupe) in 1999. I restored it, made it fast, and sold it when I entered the AF in 2001. When I was assigned to Luke AFB I bought a 1986 IROC and drove it for about a year when I decided I needed a truck (a 2000 S-10 Xtreme).

Dad's first new car was an Autumn Bronze 1968 Formula 400. I hope to get my first new Camaro in a color similar.
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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it and your eventual new Camaro!
welcome to the site man....!!!!
Belated But WELCOME!!
Hello and welcome.:5go:
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