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DIY - Disable / Remove Onstar

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This is a work in progress. Please feel free to post ONLY subject related information in this thread. If someone can provided pictures, that would be ideal.

Once there is enough information here. I will clean up the thread and the first post will be a detailed write up with pics :cool:


Thanks to Patriotpa for the details and pictures below:

Tools needed:

T15 Torx driver
Small flat bladed screwdriver. (I used a jewellers driver)

1. No need to remove any fuses.

2. Remove glove box cord by pulling down and sliding the cord retainer bar free of it's slot.

3. Press in on either side of the glove box to free the sides, then pull the glovebox down and toward you and the hinges will unhook.

4. Remove the T15 screws holding the trim panel. There are 6 of them. 3 are along the front edge, and 1 on each side a few inches further forward.

5.Press on the On$tar module retaining clip and slide the box out of its bracket.

6. The small colored connectors are antennas. Unplug them by gently prying the side of the inset clip out with a small flat screwdriver and pull the connector off. Without antennas, the box can't send/receive data. DON'T unplug J1 through J4! You'll throw "Lost Communication with fuel pump control module codes." There were no J3 or J4 connectors on my car, if yours has them, leave them alone.

7. Put everything back except the antenna connectors.

8. Laugh maniacally. You have just defeated the Spy in the Sky!

Of course, this is all at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for you working on your or anyone else's car.


Removing the antenna connectors is the way to go. The On$tar module is still running in the car, and it just thinks it's out of communications range. The led on your mirror will not be green anymore. It'll either be red, or off. This shows you On$tar cannot establish a connection with your vehicle.

Of course, you'll lose your built in cell phone, but so what? We all have regular cells anyhow.

If you want to test it, just press the the On$tar button. It'll never connect.
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