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We seen the 17" ET Street durring the 4th gens run. Being it looks like 18"+ for the 5th gen, do you think we might see some bigger ET Streets or comparable tires? I know they already have 18" drag radials but haven't seen an 18" slick type tire yet. Being its going to be just as much sidewall as the 17" thats on the SS 4th gen if not more, I would think it would be possible to do an 18" that is maybe 28"-29" tall. Man would I love that. I am curently running the MT ET Street 17" tire on my bracket race 98 Camaro. I just tubbed it and an 18" ET Steet that is 28" or 29" on a 18" Z06 wheel would be sweet. I want a taller tire being I got the tub and I love the look of OEM wheels compared to drag wheels.
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