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Hey all,

I searched for hours looking for anything that could help with my question to no avail.

I’m looking to drop a Holley Dominator and harnesses to replace the stock PCM in my 2013 Camaro SS. I know that this unit will not communicate with the BCM, and will not control the stock gauges. I also know that I will have to use 3 of the inputs on the Dom to control the stock air conditioning (one to kick the compressor on/off, one to monitor and control the pressure switch, and one to control the fans). I’m curious as to whether swapping to the Dominator will prevent me from using stock features like the forward and rear lights, signals, power windows, etc. I’m not familiar with the way the body control module is wired and I’m hoping that the aforementioned BCM functions don’t require the ECM to be connected. I plan for this car to still be street legal with the Holley installed (no emissions laws here), and power windows and doors are awesome to have. Does anyone know if I’ll lose that functionality when removing the stock ECM and installing the Dominator?

Thanks for the help!
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