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Wow, that was quick. What happened?
It's a long story, but I'll make it very short.

I was offered a job here working, under contract, for NPS (I actually worked for CACI's all very complicated).
When I was offered the job, they were in their first option year of the contract and had 3 remaining.
Two weeks after I arrived, we had a team meeting and they said "Don't expect to be here past September."
We (my wife and I) were having difficulty finding a place to rent that would let us have the dogs. Someone wanted 6 months rent in advanced and half that again in a pet deposit. That, combined with the fact my contract would expire in September, it seemed kind of useless to move my wife here, so she stayed in AZ.
I left, and her family went ape****. Not only did the problems with her parents increase, here Nana (grandmother) died just before Christmas, and she was really close to her Nana.
I discovered Philly and PA suck. Big city life isn't for me. It's too congested, and just going to the store is a PITA.
Friday before last, another company called me and had a job for me at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. I didn't apply for the job, they saw my resume on Monster and called me (Monster DOES work).
I had to decide if I should cancel my current contract and go work for another company (this was going to cost me $7K).
I decided to do it.
So, Tuesday, I begin driving home. Flying a friend out here so we can tag team the drive back and not have to stop at any hotels.

The best part: In time to go see Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale! Yay!
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