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Dropping by to say hello

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It has been a while since I have actually posted, but have to confess to trolling around a little from time to time. Haven't made any real progress on my 3rd gen project in quite some time. I did order a do it yourself basic carbon fiber kit to play around with a little in what spare time I have. Haven't made anything worth posting pictures of out of it yet, however once the bachelors degree is finished and I am back to work full time I am planning on dedicating some much needed time to the project 91 Camaro. With way too many ideas and plans for the car I will be surprised if I truly ever finish the car, guess that is why most people refer to their cars as "project cars". :D

Hopefully some day soon I will be able to begin a true build thread of my own, until then hope everyone is having fun and doing good.

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Welcome back picts when you get a chance.
I'll try to get some uploaded this weekend if time permits.
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