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Dyno Today!

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Hey there friends. I am going to be doing a few dyno pulls today. I am going to see where I am base and with the Predator. Hoping for some nice numbers today. I will post once I get the results.
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She made 334rwhp and 342rwtq stock

With the tuner 331rwhp and 340rwtq

???? I don't get it but 334 stock I am happy with. $300 for 3 hp less pisses me off!
I did about 6 pulls and I gave her time between each. I didn't get it dyno tuned just used the predator stock tune. It made less hp then stock which is really bad. I hate pissing away $300. Really sucks because I always stood by Diablo Sport.
The Power Curve is better from 3,700 to 4,200 RPM then quickly falls to 188hp at 6,000. I am just going to use the tuner to turn off AFM so I guess its not a total loss just yet.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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