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EMCC Welcomes ALL Camaro Generations & Enthusiasts!

Thanks for checking out EMCC! The Eastern Michigan Camaro Club was formed to allow Camaro owners and those with an interest in Camaros, to gather, become friends, exchange information and have fun with our Camaros, in a safe and nonprofit environment. We are further committed to promote the Camaro as a true American Muscle car and Chevrolet and General Motors as the greatest car companies in existence.

EMCC meets the 3rd Monday of each month along with MANY gatherings at shows, charity events, etc. EMCC organizes and puts on CAMARO SUPERFEST (Camaro Superfest 2012 | Ypsilanti, MI) each year and looks to continue to grow the show by leaps and bounds each subsequent year. You can find us at Welcome to the EMCC Home Page Sponsored by Bill Crispin Chevrolet (currently undergoing a facelift) or on Facebook (both EMCC and CSF). Please PM or post if interested in joining to find out more!!
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