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Easy Blacked Out Bow Ties... On the Cheap...

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It started back when I first got Domino. Those ugly, yellow bow tie inserts. :(

I didn't want to use a decal overlay because decals tend to peel and the yellow edges would still be seen. :mad:

I tried the Defenderworx inserts. They were not only expensive, but when I tried using them they weren't an exact fit. :mad: They weren't cast to the EXACT bends of the chrome plastic bow ties and didn't "seat" very well. I sent them back. You'd think for $189 they would fit perfectly. :confused:

Not a problem. I figured I'd paint them. If I used a paint brush, the yellow edges would still be apparent by the chrome plastic trim. I decided to spray them using satin black, self-etching strut primer/paint from Advanced Auto Parts(it was like $8, worked GREAT too!!!).

Below is how I did it on my 2011 SS "Domino" and the same proceedure can be used for other models as well. However, I did something different for my 2013 ZL1 "Delilah".

Sorry I don't have pictures of the process, just the results. I didn't think of doing a "How To..." until today.

Front Bow Tie

First, I removed the front bow tie by reaching through the grill and pressing the tabs together to pop it out. Once it was out, I drilled extra holes in the back of it. :thumbsup:

Second, I pushed VERY CAREFULLY and proceeded to break the gold insert into 3 pieces. @#$&!!! :confused: Then I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, super glued the bow tie back together, and painted it with 3 coats of satin black. It looked GREAT!!! Picture below.

Finally, I glued the center piece back in using clear silicone. No yellow to be seen and looked factory. :thumbsup:

Rear Bow Tie

I didn't want to remove the rear bow tie for the simple fact I didn't want the hassle of recentering it once I tried to put it back on. My OCD would make sure I knew if it was a .001" off center. So I decided to do it on the car in the garage.

First, I cleaned the bow tie with rubbing alcohol and masked off all the plastic chrome around the bow tie. Then masked off everything else on the rear.

Second, I covered the rest of the car with a sheet.

Third, I inspected every bit of the masking and shut the garage door. I waited 20 minutes to make sure any dust in the air would have settled.

Forth, I sprayed the bow tie with 3 coats of satin black. Allowing 30 minutes between each coat.

Finally, I pulled all the masking off and the sheet. The used my fingernail to rub any paint off the plastic chrome that bled through the edges of the tape.

All done and looking GREAT!!!

All told after refunds from Defenderworx, time, and headaches, I was out about $25 for masking tape, clear silicone, newspaper, an old sheet, and the self-etching spray primer/paint.


On "Delilah" I decied to go a different route.

I ordered replacement bow ties for the front and back of my ZL1. They use the same bow ties as all the other Camaro models. $15 for the front, $10 for the rear.

First, I drilled numerous holes in the backs of both bowties making them look like swiss cheese. Don't worry about hitting the gold inserts, you'll be painting over the fronts anyway so any drill marks will be covered.

Second, I boiled them in water for 5 minutes to soften and loosen up the 3M tape.

Third, I VERY CARFEULLY and VERY SLOWLY pushed them out from the backs using an unsharpened pencil(better than a screwdriver point). If you don't get them out on the first try, resoak them in the hot water.

NOTE: Guys, ask your wife's permission before using one of her saucepans to do this. :D

Forth, clean off any extra glue and/or adhesive from the 3M tape off the back of the now free bow ties. Then clean them completely with rubbing alcohol. No need to sand or score the surface if you're using self-etching primer/paint.

Finally, hit them with 3 or more coats of paint, allowing 30 minutes between each coat. Let them cure overnight or 7 days like I did. My OCD.

Front & Rear Bow Ties

First, grab a drill with a 3/8" bit(or whatever size floats your boat but make sure one of your screw drivers can fit through the holes) and a couple of flat head screw drivers(one small and one big).

Second, CAREFULLY drill several holes into the gold inserts(keeping away from the edges) on the front and rear of your Camaro. Use slight pressure to get the drill through. You'll hear some loud cracking, but don't worry that's just the gold inserts. DO NOT go too deep. You don't want to break the plastic chrome or go into the paint on the rear.

Third, take your flat head screw drivers and GENTLY pry out the pieces of the inserts and scrape away any 3M tape that is left behind. Doesn't have to be cleaned up perfectly. My OCD would not let me get away with it, but you can. :D

Finally, use small dabs of clear silicone and glue the freshly painted black(or whatever color you used) inserts into the plastic chrome out lines. You're all done and ready to cruise the strip. :thumbsup:

$25 for new bow ties and I already had the other stuff left over from "Domino". But if you don't have the stuff needed on hand, for roughly $50 you can have a PERMANENT solution to the ugly gold bow ties.

There you have it!!! No yellow to be seen, looks factory, you did it yourself, VERY durable(3 years, no rock chips)and it was inexpensive, BUT doesn't look cheap. :thumbsup:

The results speak for themselves in the pictures below. :eek:


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Why break the emblem? I would have used black vinyl. But I realize you wanted a permanent solution. Ok got it.
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