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ebay: Nintendo Wii game system bundle

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Tonight I listed a Wii setup for a friend of mine. This is gently used a few times but in EXCELLENT condition.

Reserve is set to $498 at their request

Ebay Link

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I can't believe how many Wii systems there are on ebay. It's really frustrating. I've been trying to find one in stores here for my son for a month, and the stores sell out. Just the other day, Sunday, the local Best Buy advertised that they were getting 21 of them. I went early (so I thought). People had been camping out since 4am. It was 20 degrees outside, and people were camping out to get these. It makes me sick to my stomach.

The systems cost $250, but there's no way you can find one for under $500 out there. It's kinda sad, because it's the only thing he wanted for Christmas, and now he's going to unwrap an "IOU", until I can find one in a store.

Nothing against your friend, it's just frustrating.
I hear ya. Since most of what I see online is new, I told them they may have a hard time getting that price used. But as it gets closer to Christmas he may have a chance.

Good luck in your local search :cool:
hey cuoncrs, have you tried ordering from online? try or other online electronics stores, see if they offer shipping to your house or pick up at store??
or even better, try and do a search in your area for a WII.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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