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I saw this pic floating around the web a week or so ago:

I posted this to my blog today. I'll have pics of the car from the show in a few days.

This weekend in Detroit is the 58th Annual Detroit Autorama. The largest custom car show in the area. This is the official kick off to Spring in the Motor City!

At the show, a Michigan based production company Exodus Picture, unveiled Firebreather. Based on a 2010 Camaro SS, this custom creation will be featured in a new science ficiton movie titled Jinn. The power train is stock but exterior modifications were performed by Classic Design Concepts of Novi, Michigan.

Checkout the hi-res photo gallery from the Detroit Autorama at Autoblog

Like what you see? Word is Exodus will offer 50 street versions for sale at just under $60,000 each.


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Car's nice, that's for sure.

...but what's this Jinn movie about?
It's most likely related to the Islamic Jinn myths. From what's available at, I see the director and producer have Arabic names and Ray Park is cast to play a character named "Gabriel", possibly the angel, so it makes sense.

From "Jinn in Islam" in the wikipedia article

Jinns have the power to travel large distances extremely quickly and live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, and the air, in their own communities.
Sounds like my car. :D
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