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Exotic Car Company Raided In Farmers Branch

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I saw this posted on MotownMuscle today - big news :eek:

(CBS 11 News) DALLAS Imagine spending six figures on an exotic car and never receiving the vehicle.

That's what Farmers Branch police said happened to customers who bought from a company called Unique Performance.

The company restored Shelby Mustangs, a limited-edition muscle car, for a price of $200,000 per car.

Monday, police confiscated all 61 vintage cars from the company.

Many of the cars could be worthless because the vehicle identification number has been removed. Steal plates with illegitimate numbers covered up the scratched areas.

Police believe the company was involved in title-washing.
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oh that would suck.

I read about them a while back. I knew it didn't sound good.
****, that would suck for people who had already plucked down the cash.

Did the company think that they would actually get away with selling cars with no VIN code/altered plates?
This is why I am ALWAYS leery of after-market restorers/fixeruppers/etc.etc.

That sure is a shame, Doug had alot of backing from Carroll and Chip.

They had a big rivalry with YearOne as well.

I hate it when something like this happens in my home state!
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