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First and foremost, if you don't know who I am by my name, I am a long-time trusted member of the Camaro community, co-founder of another Camaro site started 15 years ago, and a current Camaro Disciple (one of the 12, of which there are 15 :)). I say this so anyone interested can know I can be trusted.

I am putting my show-award winning 2010 Camaro SS SEMA Show car up for sale. It currently has 5,6xx miles on it and is in he Detroit area. Many of the details of the buildup, event showings, mods, etc are here on my personal site about it: PhantomSS - Jason Debler's 2010 Camaro SS Project

Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery | PhantomSS.Com

Not yet mentioned on the site is the Heritage Grille, TechAFX hose kit, and Holley LS Coil Covers. There is a post about the hose kit and coil covers here: TechAFX Hose Relocation & Holley LS Coil Covers - Fuel/Evap Line & O2 Sensor WARNINGS - CamaroZ28.Com Message Board

Also not mentioned are LED fog light bulbs.

So here's the details...

Production Data:

  • Cyber Gray Metallic (GBV)
  • Hydra-Matic 6L80 Automatic Transmission (MXO)
  • 2SS Package (1ET37)
  • RS Package for SS (WRS)
  • Inferno Orange Interior Trim Package (W1H)

  • Custom painted SmoothLock
  • Window tint
  • Matte black fender emblem overlays
  • Custom painted shifter console (custom painted Inferno Orange by JimTech)
  • Black front and rear bowties
  • De-Chickletized
  • Heritage Grille (custom painted Cyber Gray Metallic by JimTech)
  • Pedders Extreme xA Adjustable Coilover system (installation and alignment overseen personally by Pete Basica of Pedders USA)
  • Pedders Rear Sway Bar (prototype pinstalled by Pete Basica)
  • Pedders Radius Arm Bushing (one of two sets in existence, handmade for the SEMA Camaro GS Race Car)
Power Upgrades
  • Magnacharger 2300 Supercharger
  • 3.600 pulley
  • Borla Long Tube Headers
  • Borla Exhaust
  • LS9 camshaft – 211/230 – .562”/.568” – LSA 122.5 (AFM and VVT removed, basically making it an LS3)
  • Custom install and tune by Vector Motorsports
  • PLX Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Module
  • PLX Boost/Vacuum Sensor Module
  • PLX Kiwi Wifi + iMFD
Wheels and Tires
  • Forgeline custom SO3P forged wheels
  • Nitto NT05 Tires (275/35/20)

This is one of those cars that looks even better in person than in pics. I get looks and comments anywhere I go. I have approaching $60,000 into this car, including the cost of the car itself. So why am I selling it? I have a new Camaro project planned.

Some items to note...
It has 5,6XX miles on it. It still smells new inside. Leather and interior are perfect. There are also very few that are this clean. It is a former SEMA show car for Nitto Tire's display, a Camaro Superfest award winner and has been babied from day one. It has seen rain 3 times and only on the way to or from a show.

All work has been done 100% professionally. The person who did the powertrain installation work on it now works on the Pratt & Miller Corvette C6R race team. It has NEVER seen track use (except for a slow parade lap at Mid-Ohio last year). I have never even done a serious/intentional burnout with it.

The most I have ever given it a workout is in this video here:

The wheels were spec'd out personally by David Schardt, owner of Forgeline. Fully forged, strong as hell and the fit and finish and balance is perfect. More info about the wheels here: Details on my Forgeline Wheels | PhantomSS.Com

It is fully tuned to a safe level at makes about 600hp at the crank and 508 at the tire on MUSTANG dyno, NOT a Dynojet. An LS9 ZR1 does just a few more horses than that on the same dyno. I have the dyno sheets that will go with the car. More info about the dyno run is here:
2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP | PhantomSS.Com

More videos here: Video | PhantomSS.Com

This car starts, runs, drives, etc. perfectly. There are no problems whatsoever with this car. It is a blast to drive because it hauls ass and handles awesomely. It has a killer exhaust rumble, sounds mean as hell at WOT but cruises quietly when needed. If you have seen this car in person, you already know what I am talking about. This car makes ridiculous power but is easily streetable anywhere thanks to the perfect combination of the Magnacharger and the LS9 (ZR1) camshaft and tune (extra caution must be taken in wet or cold surface conditions, but that should be common sense). While it makes great power, it is not a "handful" where you have to fight to control it. Anyone can easily drive and control this car as long as they can control themselves, the power is very intoxicating. I have all original window stickers, paperwork, and many of the stock parts including the L99 valvetrain and exhaust manifolds/catalytic converters. Doesn't come with the original wheels/tires, rear exhaust section, intake and a few other minor parts that aren't really needed. Buyer will also receive a bunch of other cool Camaro items that I will include with the car.


Serious offers will get serious replies. Feel free to PM or e-mail me. Buyer must arrange transportation.
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