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The MFBA will host its 2010 spring event
on April 17th, 18th 2010!

Thanks to all that pre-registered the event is a GO!!!!

About Helmets for the 2010 Season
All helmets must be Snell-2000 certification or higher. Please check your helmets to make sure they meet this requirement!

Friday Night Drop-off
The MFBA will again be providing secure drop-off at Road America on Friday night. Park your trailer, drop off your car, and claim your pit spot from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Friday night! We will have technical inspection available on Friday for dropoff.

Interested in volunteering? Interested in getting involved behind the scenes at an exciting fast-paced road course event? Sign up to volunteer and receive FREE ADMISSION! [email protected]

Join Us as a Guest at the Event!
Guest Admission is just $5.00 per person per day (Tax Included)!
(Children 15 and under get in free. Paid MFBA members get in Free.)

Want a Ride Around the Track?
If you'd like to go for a ride, be sure to bring a Snell certified helmet. There are opportunities throughout the event as some drivers are kind enough to offer rides to those interested. (Must be 16 and older in order to ride as a passenger)

Looking for Road Race Parts?
Click on the links to the right to visit the MFBA sponsors for assistance in preparing your car for the challenge of one of America's finest road courses. They will help you pick out the best go-fast / stop-fast / turn-hard goodies for your vehicle.

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Will there be a touring lap session as part of this too? The wife wont let me beat the snot out of the car at speed out the in fear of wrecking it then have no insurance coverage on it at the point lol. I did the lapping event last fall and knew the pace car driver so we pushed it pretty **** hard through corners but kept speeds elsewhere to a min. Would be fun to do that again!


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Yes, there will be touring sessions both days during lunch hour.
I believe the cost for that will be $50.

Also, anyone is welcome to participate in the (rather low-speed) parade lap on Saturday morning, which is free. :)

These events are a TON of fun and I'm hoping to attend! :)
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